The Data Challenge:

At Intelligent ID, we acknowledge that the negative effects of insufficient internal data security can be incredibly wide-reaching, regardless of the industry effected. Our team specifically designed the IID data security suite to match each industry’s unique needs. Of course, a key target for some of the worst and most costly breaches in data security is the financial industry, where even the most minor of internal threats can prove disastrous if left unmonitored.

For example, in 2012, an employee at one global bank resigned from his position and took with him an undisclosed number of confidential customer records. This incident had been preceded by a similar incident at the same bank in 2006, which cost the organization millions of dollars in fines and customer reparations. Earlier that same year, a contractor at another major US bank left his position and was later discovered to have kept with him customer records including account numbers, home addresses, and more. Unfortunately, these forms of insider threats and security breaches have become all too common.

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Even with compliance protocols in place, the risk of lost and stolen data from the financial industry continues to grow. Whether the loss takes place due to a malicious insider, an accidental leak, an outsider breach, or a misplaced file, the inflicted damage is the same. Institutions effected by these breaches must face fines and penalties in the millions, reparations to their clients in the form of credit monitoring, and, perhaps most damaging, a loss of trust and reputation in the eyes of their customers.

The right security solution should always keep each of those threats in check.

As technology progresses and the pressure to make financial data instantly available to businesses and consumers increases, the risk becomes greater and the challenge to find new ways to protect our financial information becomes more difficult. Intelligent ID makes it a point to make our data security measures as ever-evolving and comprehensive as the technology being monitored.

The Intelligent ID Financial Solution:
Intelligent ID can help meet this challenge by informing your organization of your data’s movements, encrypting data when necessary and helping to track gaps in your compliance initiatives. We can do this by:

  • Tracking data moving to and from removable media and providing optional encryption when required
  • Informing you when sensitive account numbers are being misused or viewed by parties outside the need-to-know circle
  • Alerting when a user logs into a web application with credentials that are not their own
  • Scanning endpoints and file shares to identify data being stored insecurely
  • Monitoring for the usage of administrator access codes by non-administrators
  • Ensuring that PII and personal account numbers are not being transferred via chat, IM, or email
  • Alerting when a print screen event takes place that may include sensitive data
  • Monitoring for unauthorized or abnormal print behavior

Let IID’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate preexisting compliance breaches and other insidious forms of internal threats, but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such potential dangers in the future.


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