Intelligent ID’s Managed Security Service (MSS) provides security monitoring, analysis and reporting, and early warning intelligence. Intelligent ID does this by leveraging a combination of skilled analysts and proprietary technology in conjunction with Intelligent ID’s partner network. Intelligent ID works closely with the customer to identify known and emerging threats to the customer’s enterprise and to implement solutions to manage the resultant risks.

MSS Portal – Intelligent ID’s MSS includes access to and use of the MSS portal, which is made available to the customer for use during the term of the licensing agreement.

Agent Management – Intelligent ID security engineers optimize agent performance by regularly configuring, tuning, updating and monitoring all installed agents. Updates, signatures, rule configurations, and patches are applied by IID Security, keeping the devices up to date and optimized.

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Event Monitoring and Management – Delivered as a cloud-based managed service, IID Security Event Monitoring and Management provides continuous threat detection to improve security and achieve compliance. IID Security experts provide analysis, validation and alerts for security threats. The combination of the automated analysis and human verification reduces false positives, ensuring that clients are only notified about real security events. IID Security Event Monitoring and Management provides the following capabilities:

  •  Collect: Real-time threat information in one centralized database for maximum visibility
  •  Classify: Maximum security value and context extracted from log sources
  •  Analyze: Heuristic, statistical, threshold, and time-based analysis
  •  Notify: Prioritized, validated incidents escalated based on client needs
  • Investigate: Incident details in context with processing and analysis trail down to the raw events
  • Audit: Evidence repository, proof-of-compliance, auditable record response processes

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