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innerView is a powerful endpoint management and protection (EMap) solution that enables unprecedented visibility into events that impact the security of your organization.

The Challenge:

A vast majority of all compromises of valuable company data are directly attributed to the end user. In this age of big data and global communication, the problem is increasing in size, complexity and scope. Lack of insight into data usage can result in real and powerful consequences for any organization, especially those within military and other government agencies. Data breaches are becoming more costly and regulations more onerous; at the same time, information is accessed and shared at an increasingly rapid pace, leaving unprotected data vulnerable. Numerous organizations – both large and small – have endured grave consequences as a result of improper management of the insider, including theft of sensitive information, financial loss and negative impact to reputation.

The Solution:

innerView is an Endpoint Management and Protection framework that protects government, military and commercial organizations from insider threats by continuously monitoring, analyzing, and alerting management in real time to potentially malicious behavior including classified data loss, misuse of credentials, workplace violence, or unauthorized infrastructure violations innerView’s lightweight agent has been designed from the ground up to have minimal endpoint impact, both in resource consumption and user experience. We operate seamlessly and non-invasively on the endpoint, causing no interruption of workflow or efficiency. Highly customizable and flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization, innerView’s framework of quickly configurable rules and compliance items allow administrators to build a set of monitoring guidelines to meet their precise needs.

Uncover Insider Threats

Be Aware in Real Time

Positioned at the endpoint, innerView provides a first-hand perspective to any and all activity occurring on the endpoint, both authorized and unauthorized, while connected or disconnected, and even if other security measures have been bypassed. Unlike many security tools that focus on monitoring single channels, innerView offers complete multi-channel content-aware monitoring.

Monitoring Where You Need It

innerView’s user-friendly administrator’s console provides access to a highly customizable framework of rules that can be applied in layers by individual, department, custom group, or the entire organization. This allows for high risk users or groups handling highly sensitive data to be monitored appropriately while drastically cutting down on false positives. If an increase in monitoring is required, new rules can be deployed to the client within minutes. Detailed Reporting Utilize detailed reporting features to gather highly accurate pictures of user activity. Rich details including screen captures, date and time stamps, documented trend patterns and more provide timely reports for HR, IR, executives for law enforcement intervention or organizational policy enforcement.

Improve Compliance

Federal, Industry, or Organizational Compliance

Ensure compliance by configuring innerView to monitor for organization-centric and regulatory requirements such as FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, PCI or any other initiatives you require.

Continuous Auditing

Running continuously on your endpoints, innerView can provide you with an up-to-the-minute audit of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses across all compliance initiatives. In-depth reports, statistics, and event logs are available to gain a quick overview or a deep dive into compliance issues of any nature. If a third-party audit is required, records and data are ready at your fingertips.

Ready Remediation

Should innerView locate a compliance gap or expose a repeated violation, remediation becomes quick and simple. Within minutes, supporting data and correlated events can be viewed to answer questions such as why the violation occurred, how many times it’s occurred in the past, where the endpoint is located, and more. Using this data, a targeted solution can be determined, rules adjusted accordingly, and the solution can be deployed immediately.

Enhance Data Auditing And Protection

Protect Valuable Information

innerView takes standard data loss prevention a step further by allowing the tracking and auditing of documents and data accessed or viewed by any endpoint. This unique auditing feature gives new insight into who is viewing your sensitive data, what documents or pieces of data have been viewed, and how the document or data was handled. Reports of these views and uses can be viewed at an individual, group, or organization level to identify violations of data security, maintain required audit records, or adjust policy as necessary.

Know Where Sensitive Data is Stored and Transmitted

By utilizing our Sensitive Data Crawler, documents containing sensitive information can be identified and handled accordingly. With the Crawler’s ability to view the contents of the documents themselves, data can be detected even if the file type has been altered, only a portion of the data is present, or someone has attempted to disguise the document.

Simplify Investigations With Sound Forensics

Get the Big Picture

While many tools can advise the organization of a policy violation, few can provide access to the root cause of the issue. Using innerView’s full spectrum of investigation tools, the bigger picture of any event can be revealed, answering the who, what, when, where, why and how of any event. Within a few clicks, a violation can be tied to similar events on different endpoints, timelines of contiguous actions can be viewed, processes running on the endpoint can be identified, screen captures of the violation can be viewed, and much more. Using this information, administrators can quickly pinpoint if the act was malicious, accidental, widespread, or even a cause for concern.

Gain Irrefutable Forensics

Should a case need to be pursued, innerView provides sound forensic evidence of a violation from beginning to end. In addition to endpoint activity records and file access records, investigators can access full screen captures of the system as the violation took place to serve as irrefutable evidence.

Build Case Files

To facilitate tracking of crucial forensic data, innerView developed our one-of-a-kind case file system. Much like a digital manila folder, a case file can be opened any time that several pieces of data need to be retained and easily referenced for future use. Case files are searchable and can be augmented by any approved member of the team.. When the evidence is needed, events, records, and screen captures can be exported instantly.

Our clients trust our software to protect valuable data and monitor employees so they can get back to business.

Whether your organization is big or small, local or global, innerView’s Endpoint Management and Protection framework can be perfectly tailored to meet your needs.


Government entities require a broad spectrum tool that is equipped to audit access to sensitive data, protect valuable assets and resources, and track a multitude of compliance initiatives. Working with a number of government agencies has allowed us to develop a customizable solutions to meet each agency’s specific needs.


  With millions of sensitive transactions a day, Intelligent ID provides data security and PCI compliance auditing to the financial sector and assures that data remains in designated secure locations. Helping to ensure the safety and protection of this data has made innerView a turn-key solution for financial data protection.

Health Care

Responsible for a wide array of sensitive data including PII, PHI, insurance, and payment card data, the Healthcare industry requires the tracking of a vast array of data between departments, locations, and a variety of devices. innerView meets this need, provides HIPAA and PCI compliance reports, all without slowing down data.

Energy And Manufacturing

Whether it is trade secrets or critical infrastructure data, innerView is equipped to track precious data sources and prevent them from leaving the organization. Infrastructure and process controls can ensure that critical systems meet standards and that only secure processes are executed.

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