In order to successfully hold its place as the most reliable and comprehensive defense against all forms of Data Loss Prevention and compliance regulation monitoring, innerView is specifically designed to incorporate various tools targeting each area of potential penetration and loss.

innerView’s Activity Analysis tool allows for a complete and detailed view of endpoint usage – one targeted area unique to our data security suite’s design. While many tools at the network and endpoint level can identify specific applications running, websites accessed, and provide basic active vs. idle time statistics, innerView goes a step further to provide the bigger picture.

Our innovative model resides on the endpoint, providing application and web usage statistics. With innerView in place, those stats are ergonomically broken down into 10 subcategories of usage including active vs. idle time. Users can go even further, monitoring additional statistics such as focused time, minimized time, and screensaver time. Here, innerView proves its true reliability, as many organizations never fully realize the dangers of idle time, not only for the losses that counter-productivity can cause, but also the internal security threats that can result from those idle open sources. Employees or team members who remain idle at their station while still linked into a secure network often overlook the vulnerability that such an open source can provides to a potential threat. However, our security suite’s design takes that potential data security breach into full account, providing you with the tools to audit each area where your data comes and goes.

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The statistics comprehensively consolidated by innerView’s unique functionality can be viewed in relation not only to the website or application being used, but also for each subdomain or document accessed. It will also include only websites accessed by the actual user. Now, you can monitor the internal threat of lax compliance regulations, along with the source of that threat. innerView also provides the tools to avoid similar breaches in the future. This makes not only for the most ergonomic means toward locating and solving your compliance breach, but also the most comprehensive and thorough solution available.

With innerView, it is now possible to view your internal statistics by individual, by group, by department, or by your entire organization to answer important questions like:

  • Which applications are being highly utilized and which applications are hardly touched when it comes time for license renewals?
  • Who are the star players in my departments when it comes to workplace productivity?
  • I see was open for 8 hours, but was it really used that whole time?
  • Are contractors or offsite employees using time and resources wisely?

Why Implement Activity Analysis?

The benefits of utilizing Activity Analysis on a regular basis are endless. Aside from providing you with the who, what, where and why a compliance regulation has been breached, the comprehensive intelligence collected will educate your team in avoiding those threats moving forward. When utilized with innerView’s other numerous functions, your organization is provided with the most all-encompassing and comprehensive data theft solution, maximizing overall productivity and efficiency.

In addition, Activity Analysis helps you and your team:

  • Gain more accurate and robust analytics than can be provided by network monitoring alone
  • Manage employees and resources even when they are offsite
  • Identify workflow or efficiency problems by comparing statistics between identities, groups, or departments
  • Know which applications are being used most, who is using them, which files or sites these applications access, and what percentage of time they are active and focused

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