When designing innerView , we made it a point to target your network’s endpoint both as a comprehensive functionality and as a core philosophy towards our goal of providing complete data security. That pragmatic emphasis works as one of our key assets, as a network’s endpoint is the true root of any data-web and place most susceptible to an internal breach or threat. Adding to that measure, innerView also includes an Infrastructure Monitoring module, further guaranteeing that your network is being secured in every area from the ground up.

innerView’s Infrastructure Monitoring module provides a wealth of information concerning the health and function of your endpoints as well as controls to help keep them functioning safely. These tools can be used as a continuous monitoring feature that will provide regular updates as to endpoint function, in addition to instant alerts when a problem is present. In the event that a potential data security breach has been found, you’ll be fully aware in real time.

That additional feature can also be used as an incident response tool to gather further information about an endpoint when a problem is suspected, presenting you with the needed intelligence to locate and solve the imminent data threat issue. Not only will you always remain in the loop regarding your organization’s data security and potential internal threats, but innerView’s unique and comprehensive features will educate you and your team about threat avoidance in the future. We believe educating yourself on what to look for can prove the greatest asset when a security breach occurs, innerView’s functionality works both to notify you and show you tell-tale signs of possible risk.

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As a crucial element of the full innerView suite, Infrastructure Analysis works to provide comprehensive monitoring of each area that could be at risk. innerView can monitor for missing hotfixes, collect performance data, provide trace route data, and more. This tool also allows for complete whitelisting or blacklisting of endpoint applications, providing alerting and the option to allow the endpoint to automatically terminate or relaunch a listed application. Use this feature to maintain a safe and productive endpoint environment and to stop known malware processes. Instituting the Infrastructure Analysis perfectly rounds out innerView’s all-encompassing security suite, not only preparing you for any potential data security or compliance policy breach, but giving you the tools for all future avoidance. With our Infrastructure Analysis tool, your organization’s data-web will remain completely secure, down to its core.

Why Implement Infrastructure Monitoring?

  • Be alerted when an endpoint is missing a critical hotfix or is out of policy
  • Prevent malicious, unnecessary, or threatening processes from ever running on your endpoints
  • Know which systems are being over or under-utilized for more efficient allocation and productivity
  • Be aware of the health and performance of your endpoints, even if you can never reach them in person


Let innerView’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate preexisting compliance breaches and other insidious forms of internal threats, but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such potential dangers in the future.

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