One of most common challenges in finding the best and most comprehensive Data Loss Prevention solution is understanding the nature of the problem itself.

Often, market solutions will claim that their strongest suit in protecting your crucial data security needs comes from the ability to manage content awareness of your information.  At innerView, we not only pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the uniqueness of your information’s content, but – more importantly – our system’s ability to combine that understanding with recognizing the proper context of your data-web’s content. This crucial uniqueness sets innerView apart from all other solutions, as its abilities for content analysis prioritizes each facet of your data from the network’s endpoint on up.

innerView’s DLP module truly is the most unique of its kind. Providing each side of comprehensive internal security, it protects your data at all times: while in use, at rest, and in motion across your endpoints. Setting it apart from all other DLP compliance regulation systems, our unique point of view focuses there at the endpoint. With this in place, innerView allows you to know who is viewing sensitive documents in real time and how those documents are being handled. We can alert on modifications made to key documents, email, USB, or cloud transfers of documents, and print activity all while gathering important information that would otherwise be invisible to traditional network-based monitoring.

With innerView in place, you’ll always be in the loop, being provided with the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence regarding your organization’s most crucial data.

When a potential loss is detected, our in-depth investigation and forensic tools allow a step-by-step view of how and why the event occurred to help determine whether the loss was accidental, malicious, or simply due to a broken business practice that could be easily corrected. This means that not only will you always be covered in the effect of a potential DLP risk, but you’ll have the educational tools to become more aware and more preventative in the future. Should a formal investigation need to take place, innerView will provide you with sound and indisputable forensic evidence.

In addition, our highly customizable options can quickly be configured to search for any sensitive data pattern across all channels of egress and take appropriate action to protect its movement or notify administration.  With all sides covered, innerView’s wide-ranging security options make its innovative system all the more accessible and necessary to any organization, setting a new standard in consolidated DLP monitoring intelligence.

Why Implement Data Loss Prevention?

  • Track DLP concerns that are normally invisible to standard network DLP tools
  • Prevent sensitive customer data or valuable intellectual property from leaving the premises by monitoring all channels exiting an endpoint, where the action is actually taking place
  • Track compliance initiatives surrounding the protection of PII and PHI such as HIPAA, PCI, FERPA and more to ensure policies are upheld and fines avoided
  • Be instantly aware when data is being used inappropriately rather than waiting for it to cross the network or leave the organization
  • Protect your endpoints even if they are off-network, offline, or move to a new location

innerView’s highly configurable monitoring options ensure that you are continuously aware of any risk you may be facing, large or small. Our software has been built from the ground up to monitor more areas of your endpoints and provide more information about activity taking place at your endpoints than similar systems. When it comes to reviewing alerts, we provide a simple, visual interface that will provide all your need-to-know statistics in one location, including screen captures of the event as it took place.

By utilizing our complete monitoring of your data’s endpoints, every area of your system remains tight and secure.