When it comes to the daily operations of any organization or institution, there are many facets of data security which require accurate and proper monitoring. Intelligent ID’s full suite succeeds in covering all of those angles, primarily by starting at your organization’s endpoint and providing you with the full control for up-to-date monitoring and customization. IID comes with numerous separate functions to address those unique needs and, when consolidated, provide a complete spectrum of data security measures.
Network ID
While BYOD is nearly unavoidable in today’s modern business world and has proven notoriously difficult to control, Intelligent ID specifically addresses that concern, providing a comprehensive Network ID function for just that reason.

The key to handling BYOD is understanding which devices pose a threat to your data by identifying and analyzing the activity of unknown devices on your network.

Network ID monitors these devices’ connections, identifying each distinct device type and monitoring its unique connection patterns. By creating a baseline for these often-unknown devices, your organization can be instantly aware when a device is bypassing security policies in real time, interacting with sensitive areas of the network, accessing files, or causing a threat to data security. Devices can be attributed to specific internal users or flagged as unidentified, so you’ll always know the exact source of the potential internal threat.

Through IID’s customization functions, we can alert on modifications made to key documents, email, USB, or cloud transfers of documents, and print activity all while gathering important information that would otherwise be invisible to traditional network-based monitoring. With Intelligent ID in place – and with the recommended Network ID feature utilized – you’ll always be in the loop, being provided with the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence regarding your organization’s most crucial data.

IID comes with full customization features to not only give you the control in deciding which areas require the most concentrated monitoring and coverage, but also to target where those problem areas could arise. By covering every area of your data-web for total coverage and monitoring, you and your team will also be made aware of which areas are in the greatest concentration for potential risk. While IID has your back, you’ll also learn the tell-tale signs that an insider threat may be in your midst.

When paired with our flagship monitoring product, Endpoint ID, Network ID lets you know when unapproved or BYOD devices access this sensitive data and, for data on the move, our one-of-a-kind Encrypt ID component adds a user friendly, but highly secure encryption solution. Utilization of all three features truly makes the full Intelligent ID suite the most comprehensive solution for data security monitoring and organization intelligence.

Let IID’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate preexisting compliance breaches and other insidious forms of internal threats, but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such potential dangers in the future.

By identifying anomalous behavior of BYOD devices, you can rest assured that your data is always completely secured.