Intelligent ID Selected as Top 10 Security Vendor

intelligentID | September 29, 2017

IID was selected by Enterprise Security Magazine as one of 10 Top Endpoint Security Vendors of 2017!

IID was selected by Enterprise Security Magazine as one of 10 Top Endpoint Security Vendors of 2017!

Announced this week, Intelligent ID – the premiere data security suite that truly monitors all aspects of your data network and cybersecurity – has been selected by Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Endpoint Security Vendors of 2017.”  

At Intelligent ID, we have always made it a point to emphasize total monitoring of your organization’s endpoints and users’ behavior. Afterall, your most sensitive data is only as secure as those who handle it on a daily basis and may, inadvertently, be creating risk. The only true way to keep your data’s integrity is for a multi-faceted monitoring system that takes every vulnerable area of your data into account. It is with this in mind that Intelligent ID’s full suite was uniquely designed for complete monitoring – and we are honored to have received Enterprise Magazine’s annual recognition

The Intelligent ID Difference

Intelligent ID’s innovative approach to endpoint monitoring and data protection truly sets us in a class of our own. We not only look for the root causes of a potential security breach through malicious corporate theft, but also the inadvertent (and costly) danger of lapses in compliance regulations.

With Intelligent ID’s suite of endpoint and behavioral monitoring tools, we can make identifying security gaps simple and facilitate the gathering of audit data all without ever touching a log. Once IID is configured to your specific compliance regulations, whether federal, local, international, or even your own corporate policies, it will alert and report any violation of those policies. Not only can you see exactly which policy was violated, but our quick investigation tools can also tell you when, where, how, and why the violation occurred so you can tackle the root of the issue.

Our History of Protecting Your Data’s Security

OnGuard Systems, the developer of Intelligent ID, was founded in 2009 with the primary goal of protecting organizations’ endpoints against the increasing risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage. While this goal is still very much at the heart of Intelligent ID’s product, our scope has expanded to include a robust DLP tool, one-of-a-kind productivity analysis tools, infrastructure monitoring module, and identity monitoring tools, all operating on a low-profile endpoint client. Intelligent ID’s highly customizable rules allow for keyword identification in only the locations that concern you most to reduce false positives and excess noise dramatically. Our IID full security suite has been specifically designed to cover every angle of your organization’s potential threat zones, and its unique functionality keeps you in complete control.

Intelligent ID recognizes each step in a such an Insider Threat and includes multiple functionalities to address them all.

Intelligent ID is endpoint-based user monitoring and analytics software that secures organizations’ business assets by continuously monitoring and alerting management to suspect events taking place anywhere an endpoint may travel. This includes data loss or theft activity, compliance infractions, workplace liability issues, inefficient use of time and resources, infrastructure concerns, insecure file access, and more. For further information, visit us at or contact us at And be sure to check out or profile in this month’s Enterprise Security Magazine’s annual “Top 10” issue:

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