It is no surprise that with the continuing advancements in data mobility, increasing demands of regulatory compliance, and sharing amongst the global community, that securing our nation’s sensitive information becomes more difficult each day. It is with this mobile and ever-changing environment in mind that innerView was created.

innerView Overview

innerView is a comprehensive Endpoint Monitoring tool that reduces an organization’s employee liability landscape by protecting its most valuable data. innerView accomplishes this by continuously monitoring endpoint and user behavior for policy violations, compliance infractions, and anomalous activity or file usage that could be signs of an impending breach. innerView’s four modules: Data Loss Prevention, Identity Monitoring, Activity Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring, collect and analyze data to provide instant insight and alerts when an incident arises.

Why Endpoint Monitoring?

When dealing with sensitive data loss, waiting for an incident to be detected crossing the network may mean it’s already too late. Other incidents will, intentionally or unintentionally, bypass all network monitoring appliances. Residing as a lightweight client on the endpoint, innerView can analyze behaviors as they take place in real time, view data as it is created, and display productivity data in accurate detail, all to help identify potential incidents before a breach occurs. Should a potential incident be detected, incident response can be notified immediately. By utilizing innerView’s sophisticated investigation tools and replay capabilities, the incident can quickly be quarantined as it is happening, preventing the breach from occurring.

Next Level of Data Loss Prevention

innerView’s DLP tools not only provide comprehensive coverage for every channel of egress from an endpoint, but also track activities taking place on the endpoint itself that could be putting your data at risk. innerView can scan outgoing or incoming emails and their attachments, emails saved to a draft folder for later retrieval, files being moved to cloud storage or external media, and files printed, even if the printer is not on the network. We can even make you aware when suspicious behaviors are observed such as a user taking a screen capture of a sensitive data, reformatting the image and attempting to email it to a personal account.

Tracking of Sensitive Documents

innerView gives you detailed knowledge as to how many copies of a sensitive document exist, where they reside, and how they are being accessed and used. By utilizing our SmartScan tool, we allow you to identify every endpoint and file share where a document exists, even if the document has been renamed, reformatted, or if only a portion of the document exists in that location. In addition, alerts can be sent when a document is copied, duplicated, renamed, or moved from its secure location regardless of where or how it travels or if it ever touches the network layer.

Instant, Log-Free Compliance Audit

With our simple compliance mapping process, innerView can provide a realtime report on the status of your compliance initiatives including alerts detailing when, where, how, and why a violation occurred. View gaps in compliance by individual endpoint, group, department or organization as a whole to accurately target training and improve secure workflow.

Security of Off-site and Transient Employees

innerView makes it as easy to protect off-site workers, field employees, and traveling laptops as it is to protect those right in front of you. Because innerView runs on the endpoint, our monitoring and protection policies continue regardless of where the endpoint is located or whether it is currently online. In addition, our one-of-kind User Activity reporting tools continuously collects and reports endpoint, application, and internet usage statistics to ensure time and resources are being used effectively, budgets maintained, and only secure applications run.
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