In today’s workplace, cloud-based systems are unilaterally recognized as the current saving and archiving standard. By design, cloud systems work quickly to save and share data without the cumbersome necessity of requiring hard copies or copious amounts of data-heavy memory space. But that modern convenience comes with a major compromise in terms of security: offsite communication and the frequent possibly of compliance regulations only add to the dangerous variables that can affect your organization.


Despite their popularity in the modern business world, cloud-based systems largely depend upon well-known uniform encryption methods that can prove vulnerable when an outside source wants to penetrate your data-web. As experts in the data security field, our team at Intelligent ID see the problems in today’s fallible encryption practices and take specific measures to face those modern-day threats.

We believe that encryption should be readily available. When you utilize a cloud system to store your organization’s most crucial data, the security of that method should never be in question. You should be able to store data in the cloud with absolute certainty that it’s secured every time, and be able to access that data whenever and wherever it’s needed with no compromise to its security integrity. IID’s Encrypt ID function works to eliminate that compromise without any loss to the integrity or convenience of your organization’s cloud usage.

We believe that encryption should be easy. As technology evolves, so does your organization’s daily operations. Forgotten passwords, complex management, and clunky keyfobs should be a thing of the past and should never be the sole line of defense in protecting your data’s integrity. In many cases, such variables can lead to compromising the regular security measures needed to ensure your data’s safety and integrity. And when it comes to data security, there should never be room for compromise.

We also believe that encryption should be future proof.  This is the important aspect of Intelligent ID’s data security philosophy. With advancement of technology, ongoing attacks on encryption, and the nature of today’s deterministic mathematical ciphers, most mainstream encryption methods can inadvertently be putting your data at risk. We at Intelligent ID fully recognize the fast-paced evolution of the technology world and so our security measures continue to evolve with it. Using patented Atomizer technology, Encrypt ID provides the next generation of non-deterministic, algorithm-free encryption solution. Files are broken down and scattered at the bit level to secure cloud locations, leaving behind no code to crack or traces to follow. With the AtomKey, which can be conveniently and securely passed via mobile devices, the data is readily available to key holders, but rendered useless to others, even if discovered. You’ll never have to worry or second-guess the integrity of your organization’s data, no matter where or when you have a need to access it.

Let IID’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate preexisting compliance breaches and other insidious forms of internal threats, but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such potential dangers in the future.

Let Encrypt ID future-proof your data.