No network can truly remain completely secure without comprehensive and accurate system monitoring. Too many organizations learn the hard way that lapses in compliance regulations, team members’ idle time while linked into the network and covert malicious insider threats can be equally destructive when it comes to severe data loss.

With its innovative and unique design, innerView takes traditional Data Loss Prevention to the next level, providing you a higher grade of protection and a new standard of insight into your data. When we say new standard, we mean it. Our integrated and comprehensive monitoring options cover every facet of your organization’s data, eliminating dangerous lapses in compliance regulation and consolidating all potential insider threats, providing you and your team insights on how to become more preventative in the future.

Once you experience the innerView method for Data Loss Prevention and compliance regulation monitoring, it will truly become your standard in daily operations.

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innerView’s design approaches security monitoring differently for several reasons:

  • First, knowing when your data has been breached is only part of the picture. With innerView, we not only monitor where you data is moving, who is handling your data, and when it is at risk, but we also monitor the endpoint user’s activity, application activity, and machine activity to provide context to the event. By seeing a full 360 degree view of activity taking place in your environment you can efficiently protect your data, understand where weaknesses lie, and quickly locate abnormalities that place your data at risk.
  • Second, we monitor your data from the endpoint itself, where all data activity starts and ends. Unlike network based tools that catch data when it’s already in motion or already left the organization, we can alert administrators immediately when someone puts data at risk, before it even leaves the endpoint machine. In addition, your data remains protected even when the machine is off-network or offsite.
  • Third, we protect your data regardless of what form it comes in and without tedious manual tagging or categorizing. innerView’s technology has the ability to read inside of files and folders as they are accessed or moved to identify any sensitive data contained there regardless of format or transit method. This protects data that could be copied and removed from its known secure source, data that could be printed or emailed to third parties, or data that is embedded in another file type such as an image or zip file.

Data Loss Prevention is always necessary, but alone it’s not enough. As breaches and accidental losses continue to take place in organizations armed with DLP tools, it’s time to move to a new generation of software – one that can handle the volume of data that is as evolving as your organization’s rate of growth. innerView stands out as the most wide-ranging monitoring system and most comprehensive multi-tool in targeting and eliminating every form of potential insider threat. By focusing on your network’s endpoint (both a design and philosophy unique to our solution) and maintaining the broadest possible spectrum of monitoring, innerView has your data security completely covered.

Let innerView’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate preexisting compliance breaches and other insidious forms of internal threats, but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such potential dangers in the future.

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