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As IT and data security becomes more complex. so do the solutions built to protect against them. Our philosophy is different. By listening to security leaders and, most importantly, our customers, we have built a focused, effective, and insightful software that is truly unique in its field. This simple philosophy has led Intelligent ID to be chosen time and time again over competitive products that have become cumbersome, confusing, and ineffective for their given purpose over time.

Why We Win Customers

Industry Complaint Our Solution
“Our industry-standard tools like web filters, firewalls, and network monitoring aren’t stopping highly sensitive data leaks” IID monitors data usage, web access, and sensitive data access from the endpoint itself, instantly identifying risks that bypass these network-level tools.
“Our organization can’t track the activity of offsite employees, contractors, or work-at-home employees using current software” IID travels anywhere the endpoint travels, providing organizations the ability to maintain policy, track resource consumption, view data access and more regardless of where the user and machine are located.
 “Competitive software products’ deployment times are time consuming, resource-intensive, and cost-prohibitive” Being built with a single purpose in mind, our software is streamlined and flexible. Rather than months or years, our deployment time can be measured in days or weeks.
“Our organization doesn’t have enough manpower to dedicate to managing these type of products” While many of our competitors rely on log reviews, third-party data feeds, full-time monitoring, and scripting of policies, IID has developed a unique log-free interface that presents critical information visually in a single location. In addition, our email notifications and easy-to-use policy creation has allowed our customers to drastically reduce IT management time and, often, engage non-technical staff.
“We know we have a problem, but can’t pin down the source or provide the evidence to stop it!” IID doesn’t just report a problem exists, it provides the complete root cause, forensic evidence including screen captures and shadow copies, and all supporting data to understand how to stop it from happening… all in real time.

Who Uses Our Product

As evidenced by the constant stream of data breach reports in the media, the accidental or malicious loss of sensitive data has affected nearly all organizations, regardless of size or vertical. The reality of today’s technology landscape is that every organization holds data they consider sensitive or business-critical and it is becoming easier and easier for that data to leave the safety of the traditional security software. Due to the flexible framework of IID, we find ourselves protecting data held by healthcare, financial, government, manufacturing, gaming, retail, and more.

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