7 Detections of Behavior Analytics in Fighting Insider Threat

intelligentID | February 2, 2018

As technological advancements continue to be made in cybersecurity, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) are used to detect suspicious activity within their system. By monitoring the online behavior of employees and ex-employees, companies can better protect their sensitive information, credentials, and internal processes from being infiltrated by an insider threat. Below are seven key […]

2.7 Million Stolen Credentials of Fortune 500 Employees Discovered for Sale on the Dark Web

intelligentID | January 31, 2018

A recent report by Vericloud, a credential monitoring firm, unveils the latest alarming numbers for stolen credentials on the dark web. Out of eight billion stolen credentials discovered in the database, roughly 2.7 million of the stolen logins discovered were those of Fortune 500 company employees. While the numbers alone are scary enough as they […]

Thales Data Report Highlights Growing Threat of Data Breaches: 36% of Global Firms Breached in 2017

intelligentID | January 30, 2018

In 2018, no company is safe from a data breach. A recent data threat report released by French defense and security service company, Thales Group, emphasizes the significance of this growing threat on a global scale. In this, the numbers underline the way in which 36 percent, or an alarming one third, of global firms […]

Fake Job Advertisement Posted by Santander Highlights Public Vulnerability to Fraud

intelligentID | January 26, 2018

A recent experiment conducted by Santander yielded some surprising numbers and an eerie indicator of public vulnerability to fraud by highlighting how easily criminals can prey upon individuals searching for new jobs. The most significant result of the experiment showed that a shocking 32 percent of Britons would pursue a job opportunity to be a […]

Approximately 29,000 Patients Exposed Due to Insider Threat in SSM Health Call Center Case

intelligentID | January 24, 2018

A data breach at SSM Health in Missouri exposed roughly 29,000 patients in a privacy violation rooted in an insider threat. These threats are often caused by former or current employees with authorized access to sensitive information within the system, who then abuse their access to such information by exploiting it for their personal use. […]


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