Awareness Alone is Not Enough

Over the years, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software has become the gold standard in protecting sensitive data within an organization’s network. However, more and more IT professionals are finding that standard DLP no longer provides the protection or, more importantly, the information required to understand data usage. Today’s data travels farther and faster and is no longer contained by secured servers and internal endpoints. To complicate the issue, standard DLP software is data-centric, meaning it can typically provide in-depth information on a piece of data and when it is at risk, but little to no information on why it is at risk. Without this component, organizations are left asking

  • Which individual users handled this data?
  • Do any of my users have a history of security violations or risky workflow?
  • Which applications are my users utilizing to access or edit sensitive data? Are those applications secure?
  • Which users or departments are causing my compliance violations and why? How do I stop them?
  • How are my users utilizing time and resources? What about when a user is working offsite?
  •  How do I find the root cause and evidence of my data loss so I can stop it?

Understanding Risk with User Behavior Analysis

With such a gap clearly identified in even the best-of-breed network and endpoint DLP products, user behavioral analysis is becoming essential to answer the questions that DLP leaves behind. Considering that an organization’s users, their frontline data-handlers, are the primary source of data risk, activity analysis provided by innerView is necessary to provide organizations the alerts and information to understand the true risk to their data. To do so, innerView combines analysis of real time user activity and behavior with noninvasive endpoint DLP to provide a holistic view of risk and allow organizations to proactively respond to threats rather than learn after they take place. When an issue is discovered, innerView can quickly provide both the forensic and contextual data needed to truly understand why and how the risk exists, a key factor notably lacking in existing DLP solutions. With innerView at the endpoint, IT professionals can not only be aware of their risk, but understand how to address it and how to stop it.

Traditional DLP Solutions..

  • Tells you what incident occurred
  • Describes the exact data lost
  • Indicates which machines were involved
  • Maintains data security in your network
  • Provides log-based event data
  • Monitors identified threat use cases


  • Tells you why and how an incident occurred
  • Describes what data is at risk of being lost
  • Indicates which end-users or groups are causing risk and why
  • Maintains data security anywhere the endpoint goes
  • Provides user data, forensics, screen capture, and case files
  • Monitors existing use cases and discovers developing risks

About innerView

innerView provides an innovative suite of products focused on User and Entity Behavioral Analytics, endpoint-based data protection, real-time threat alerts, and non-deterministic data encryption methods. innerView’s goal remains to put market-leading data and analytics in the hands of industries across all sizes and verticals, protecting critical assets from user-based threats.

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