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Lexmark and Intelligent ID announce partnership to enhance document security

Partnership closes the security gap between digital and hardcopy data protection LEXINGTON, Ky. Mar 15, 2017 • Lexmark International, a global imaging solutions leader, today announced it has partnered with Intelligent ID, experts in insider risk management and user behavioral analysis, to codevelop a full spectrum of document and endpoint security offerings. • By combining… Read More

66% of Consumers Won’t Do Business With Breached Organizations

All too often, the cost of a data breach to an organization is calculated strictly in terms of fines, compliance violations, and other monetary repercussions.. but what about losses due to damaged reputation and brand loyalty?Read More

90% Of Employees Violate Your DLP Policies

Having a great data protection policy in place is a great first step to avoiding a data breach, but did you know that 90% of employees violate established policies according to research by CEB?Read More

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Intelligent ID is an endpoint and user monitoring software that secures organizations’ business assets by continuously monitoring and alerting management to suspect events taking place. This includes data loss or theft activity, compliance infractions, workplace liability issues, inefficient use of time and resources, infrastructure concerns, insecure file access, and more.

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